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During servicing, our engineers will consult with the end-users to address points of attention and determine timescale of servicing for minimal downtime.


During servicing, our engineers will consult with the client to identify areas of concern and agree a schedule for minimal downtime. Testing will include a visual inspection of equipment, observing all components and replacing parts where necessary.  The equipment will be calibrated and a detailed service report will be provided for your records. Our engineers follow maintenance protocols approved by the manufacturer, using regularly calibrated equipment. 


In the event of an equipment failure, users will contact our technical support team providing serial numbers and a description of the problem. We will consult with you on your preference for an onsite visit or return of equipment to our repair centre (depending on the type of equipment) at a date convenient to you.  A temporary replacement service for the duration of the repair is available for some of our equipment. 


Full reconditioning of equipment can prolong its life expectancy for up to 5 to 10 years.  A full inspection determines the state of the equipment, with particular focus on critical moving parts, electronics and pneumatic parts.  Critical parts will either be preventatively replaced, or on consultation with the client, they may decide to take a stock inventory to ensure critical parts are available on short notice. The internal system will be cleaned and descaled, if required.

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