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Dedicated Anaesthesia Systems for rodents with a patented breather that eliminates the need of extra scavenging to increase animal welfare and save isoflurane.


E-Z Systems has been a pioneering leader in the Life Sciences & Animal Care industry for over thirty years.  Our roots started by designing unique equipment for humane euthanasia procedures with the introduction of the industry’s first “Home Cage” Euthanex Lid System.  Today, we specialize and are known for our unique product lines in Anesthesia, Euthanasia, Facility Management Software, Equipment Covers and more.

Thousands of researchers rely on our well-designed, quality products to support their critical work in the research community.  E-Z Systems was also a pioneer for water-heated surgical beds and the patented small animal breathers for anesthesia.  Today, we have expanded this line to include thermally heated beds with better controllability.  We also moved anesthesia into the digital age, with the release of your newly developed Digital Anesthesia System, incorporating our E-Z Heat electronically controlled surgical beds with intuitive touch-screen control.

E-Z Systems continues to respond to industry needs with constantly evolving, innovative new products, including more and powerful SMARTBOX systems and much more to come.

Our goal is to continuously support the industry’s ever-changing needs based on our 30-Year history in the Animal Science field.  Our commitment to perfection with in-house design, manufacturing, and quality control will provide E-Z Systems with the agility to accommodate a wide variety of applications and excellence in this field for the years ahead.

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