Rodent Restrainer

Artikelnummer LP-3303x

Ideal tool for restraining rodents while doing tail vein injections or blood sampling. Adjustable nose cone for more animal comfort. The tail can easily be placed for manipulation. The restrainer can also be easily placed sideways for easier vein access. Works very well together with the Veinlite VLR vein and artery finder.

Small mouse, Large mouse, Small Rat, Large Rat


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Small mouse, Large mouse, Small Rat, Large Rat


Rodent Restrainer

  • Made from clear plastic
  • Animal is placed by its tail along an open groove and through a hole in the back
  • Sliding nose cone secures the animal in place
  • Includes 4 holes to access the animal
  • Tail is free for injection/sampling
  • Cage washer safe or sterilise chemically

Dimensions :
Small mouse (15-30 g) : 2,5 cm diameter x 8,6 cm long
Large mouse (30-125 g) : 3,8 cm diameter x 13,9 cm long
Small Rat (125-250 g) : 5,1 cm diameter x 20,3 cm long
Large Rat (250-500 g) : 6,3 cm diameter x 21,6 cm long

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