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E-Mitters are small, wireless, battery-free telemetry implants for use with mice and rats. E-Mitters are powered by capturing energy from electrical fields generated by the ER4500 and ER4000 Energizer/Receiver.

G2, G2 HR, PTD 4000, PTD 4000 HR


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G2, G2 HR, PTD 4000, PTD 4000 HR



  • Parameters :
    • Core Body Temperature
    • Gross Motor Activity
    • Heart Rate (HR versions only)
  • Wireless so you don’t have to worry about tethers, exit site infections, or other hard-wired problems.
  • No Batteries, powered by the ER4500 and ER4000 Energizer/Receiver that conveniently fits under most standard lab cages. This means no downtime or recurring costs for battery refurbishment or recalibration
  • Low cost and long term monitoring. As E-Mitters require no batteries and have a 2-year lifespan they can be reused over and over for short-term studies or implanted indefinitely for long-term studies.
  • No Refurbishing
  • No Recalibration
  • Lightweight
  •  Dimensions, weight and volume:
    • G2 E-Mitter : 15.5mm x 6.5mm, 1.1g, 0.5cc
    • G2 HR E-Mitter : 19.5 x 6.5mm, 1.5g, 0.8cc
    • PTD 4000 E-Mitter : 23mm x 8mm, 1.6g, 1.1cc
    • PTD 4000 HR E-Mitter : 26mm x 8mm, 2.2g, 1.2cc

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