RG Complete

Référence du produit PV-B001P

RGcomplete is a super-concentrated microalgal-based premium quality feed and enrichment for rotifers, daphnia and other filter-feeding
invertebrates. It has been sized especially for Breeders, Aquarists, and Propagators and includes both a pH buffer and ClorAm-
X® (ammonia neutralizer). It has a long refrigerated shelf life of at least 6 months.

Bottle 947ml


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Bottle 947ml

RG Complete

  • Refrigerated, not frozen
  • Includes ClorAm-X (ammonia control and a pH buffer)
  • Clean, high yield rotifer feed
  • Maximizes levels of DHA, EPA and ARA
  • Stand-alone feed or in combination with one of our enrichment products
  • Suitable for a wide range of zooplankton
  • Fully intact cells
  • Cell size range 1.5 – 12 μm
  • Refrigerate : 33-42°F / 1-5°C
  • Do not dillute for storage
  • Ingredients : Seawater, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Hydroxymethanesulfonate, Marine Microalgae, Citric acid, Ascorbic Acid, Larixinic Acid, Sodium Alginate
  • Feed 11 ml per day per 1 million rotifers to be harvested. For example: Population of 5 million to be harvested at 20% per day, or population of 2.5 million to be harvested at 40% per day, etc.
  • Maximum production requires higher density cultures, which require more frequent feedings. For best results feed at least every 3 hours using a pump and timer

Guaranteed Analysis :

Crude Protein (min) 2.7%
Crude Fat (min) 0.9%
Crude Fiber (max) 0.2%
Moisture (max) 89.0%
Microalgal biomass (min) 4.4%
Total hufas (min) 64 mg/g d.w.
ARA (min) 2.1 mg/g d.w.
EPA (min) 18.1 mg/g d.w.
DHA (min) 41.9 mg/g d.w.

Produits apparentés

  • Daphnia

    Pure cultures of a strain of Daphnia magna with a length range of 300 µm to 2mm. This species lives in freshwater, but is capable of thriving in salinities up to 5 ppt. It is available in quantities of 2 thousand, concentrated, and packaged into “breathable” bags.

    It is high-quality zooplankton for aquatic model regimens such as zebrafish. Please contact us for more information on  the complete protocol for cultivating this specific Daphnia.

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  • Rotifers

    Pure cultures of a strain of Brachionus plicatilis (L-type) rotifers with a typical lorica length of about 160 µm. This species is euryhaline, capable of thriving in salinities of 5-40 ppt.

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  • Compact Culture System for Zooplankton

    Live zooplankton such as rotifers and Artemia are essential first-feeds for the larvae of many fish (for example, Clownfish). The APBreed Compact Culture System (CCS) is designed to make a benchtop-scale culture of zooplankton easy and reliable.
    The CCS combines a conveniently-sized 5-gallon bucket with a custom-made fitting that incorporates an aerator and a particulate waste trap. Aeration provides oxygenation and water circulation that draws particulate wastes into the trap (floss).

    Daily maintenance of the culture (aside from feeding and harvesting) requires only 5 minutes to flush the wastes from the trap and brush the interior surfaces of the bucket. The CCS is sturdy and easily transported, and includes a flexible translucent cover that isolates the culture from contamination.

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