About us

Our Mission statement

Our mission is to help customers bring their research to a higher level in service of science and medicine.  How?  By delivering high tech equipment, giving sound advice and helping customers implement and install our products.

Who we are

Our product specialists hold a wealth of experience in veterinary medicine, pharmacology, animal facility management, technical service and maintenance.  Rest assured you will find the advice that you are looking for. From our sales team, to dedicated customer service advisors, engineers and accounts team, we are committed to helping you.

Who we serve

Our clients include pharmaceutical and biotech companies, contract research laboratories and academic and government organisations within the biomedical research industry.

Our values

The desire to offer outstanding customer service and expertise in our products has contributed to the success of our company. We believe our products offer real value, and we are passionate about finding a solution that will add value to your research. Whether it be through time saving, animal welfare, accuracy or safety improvements.

We demonstrate our commitment to quality assurance through our continued ISO 9001 Accreditation, ensuring we meet high customer standards.

Customized product advice? Our consultants think along with you for the best solution

Would you like a product demonstration on location? Our consultant could visit you to discuss the options and provide more information about our product range.

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