Plexx is proud to work closely with the following suppliers to be able to give the best possible advice, feedback, service and maintenance to the products that these companies manufacture.

BioMedic Data Systems

Transponders for identification and temperature including a range of readers with excellent integration with computer systems

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E-Z Systems

Dedicated Anaesthesia Systems for rodents with a patented breather that eliminates the need of extra scavenging

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Home Cage Euthanasia systems with gradual fill CO2 that has a pre-anaesthetic effect which is better animal welfare

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Iwaki Aquatic

Zebrafish housing systems, Xenopus housing systems, multi-rack systems, controllers, pumps, filters: everything you need for Aquatic Housing.

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Airflow range with Air Shower, Bedding Dispenser, Change Station, Waste Station and Safety Cabinet

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Hydropac® is a unique water pouch and valve system that re-defines lab animal watering.

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Lab Products Inc

Ventilated Cage Systems with unique double protection of both animals and staff. With a range of complementary products.

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Durable and disposable Enrichment products, treats, special and medicated diets

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Starr Life Sciences

Pulse oximetry systems, telemetry devices and running wheel / activity equipment

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The IQ FeedMe from IQZoo motivates reward action prevents and reduces your pets stress and medical problems because of the slow and accurate patented feeding system

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Small Animal ventilators, temperature control systems, gas analysers and other instruments for physiology and pre-clinical research laboratories

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LaMotte Europe

LaMotte offers the revolutionary Waterlink SpinTouch water analyser for fast and reliable measurement of Alkalinity, Ammonia ,Hardness, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH and Phosphate

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The inventors of the semi-automatic feeder for dry and liquid zebrafish food, and producers of cultures for artemia and daphnia.

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IDEA Bio-Medical

IDEA Bio-Medical offers dedicated analysis software for automated analysis of Zebrafish microscopy images offers simple and quick quantification of fluorescence, measurement of morphological changes & other phenotypic features in Zebrafish larvae in a high throughput format.

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A range of disposable and durable enrichment for small animals and aquatics

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