Green Star Fern

Article reference: 13487

Green Star Fern with suction cup.
This soft plastic plant comes in a bundle of around 22 sprigs which you can pull off. The sprigs float when placed into Zebrafish tanks which protects the submissive fish from the bullies and also dissuades them from consuming their embryos.
Note: This product is not for use with frogs as it may lead to accidental ingestion.


Green Star Fern

  • Certified (Contaminant Screened)
  • Made of flexible, soft thermo plastic polymer
  • Approximately 22 sprigs per Fern
  • Springs remove easily from stem
  • Realistic and naturalistic textures
  • Sprigs float at water level which reduces
    aggression and dissuades eating of embryos
  • Cagewasher safe

Dimensions : Fern – 20 long x 6,35cm tall
Individual Sprigs (approximately 22) – 2,5cm tall x 5cm wide

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