Zebrafish housing systems, Xenopus housing systems, multi-rack systems, controllers, pumps, filters, fish food, (semi-)automatic food dispensers, water analysis, image analysis: everything you need for Aquatic Housing.

Our standard aquaria rack systems are designed specifically for the African Clawed Frog Xenopus spp. and Zebrafish Danio rerio, but over the years our experts have designed and built custom systems for over 150 different aquatic organisms. No project is too big or too small.

We supply both live (liquid) and dry food for zebrafish, such as daphnia, rotifers, artemia and support products for maintaining and growing your own culture, as well as dry food for different growth stages.

We also supply semi-automatic food guns and a fully automatic feederbot. Water quality is an important parameter and we provide you the tools to keep on top of it. We can also help you speed up your image analysis through AI based software.