No more emptying, washing, filling and autoclaving bottles, stoppers, caps or sipper tubes! How does that sound to you? Get rid of the labour intensive and expensive use of water bottles. Now you can use Hydropac™ rodent watering solution consisting of a Hydropac™ Pouch and our easy to use Sterile Disposable Valve™.

Simply put the valve in the adapter of your choice (see nextpage for possibilities) and put the pouch over the valve and your animals have water at their disposal!

Plexx can supply readymade pouches in any quantity you like, or you can buy a pouch machine and produce the pouches at your facility, with your own drinking water, with the quality and the quantity that you need, and under your own supervision. This also allows you to build your own emergency water supply. You can choose from tap water, chlorinated water, acidified water or every other type that your protocol requires. The possibilities are endless. On top of that, each pouch can be treated with any liquid you like using our special silicon patch that enables you to add or withdraw liquids.