Rodent CO2 euthanasia systems, designed with animal welfare in mind.

  • Minimizing stress.  Designed to use the animals home cage with a slow fill rate to provide CO2 euthanasia with minimum stress.
  • Isoflurane pre-treatment systems available on request.
  • User safety.  Airtight gasket sealed doors prevent gas leakage.
  • Tamper proof.  All systems are password protected and an unlimited number of users can be granted access by an administrator.
  • Simple to use. Touch screen controlled.
  • Size to suit your needs.  Single cage systems to high capacity rack systems available.

Finding your system

The following questions may be useful in helping assess your needs:

  • Is euthanasia performed by animal care staff or research staff?  This will determine whether a larger system is needed in a centralised location for use by trained animal care staff or a smaller system where euthanasia is performed by individual users in the lab.
  • How much control do you want your operators to have? Manual adjustable flow rate systems give the operator complete control over settings whereas the manual preset flow rate system allows the operator to have control over turning on and off gas and determining procedure times.  The fully automated SMARTBOX systems are preset with user only having to press ‘start’.
  • Centralized location or lab location?  Larger systems with high throughputs are most suitable for centralised locations whereas  a smaller system is recommended if euthanasia is performed by individual users in their designated labs.