A research specific and GLP compliant range of animal ID and temperature transponders and scanning equipment suitable for all species from small to large.

  • All transponders are supplied in single use sterile needle assemblies. Transponder application is by minimally invasive, non-surgical, sub-cutaneous injection.
  • Each transponder comes with its own unique 10 digit number which can be read-only or re-programmable to your own animal ID research protocols.
  • There is a transponder for non-invasive and accurate temperature monitoring for best welfare and research results
  • Provides error-free animal identification and data transfer to your computer
  • A range of transponder scanning equipment is available including hand-held and bench mounted for convenience.
  • Includes data collection systems for collecting additional information such as weight and caliper measurements. Data can be downloaded directly to a computer so managing your research data and observations is more efficient.
  • Compatible with all facility management software programmes