The Xenopus Housing System has been designed for the African Clawed Frog but can also be used for other aquatic species. With the wide range of pumps, controllers and accessories this system can be built to suit your research needs.

  • Xenopus Housing System

    The Xenopus Housing System is designed for the African Clawed Frog but can house other aquatic species as well. It is available in a 3- or 4-rows configuration with 16 , 23 or 40 litre tanks. The Iwaki Aquatic Life Support Controller monitors and controls the system with any internet ready device and cloud based software and sends out emails or SMS when parameters are out of range. The Iwaki precision pumps accurately dose required chemicals which together with the filtration system will keep the water in optimal condition.

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  • Xenopus Tanks

    The clear polycarbonate Xenopus Tanks are available in 3 different sizes and feature the unique flood and flush drain system for efficient removal of solids. Each row in a rack must have the same size tanks, but for other rows a different tank size may be added.

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  • FishGun D2 Solid Feed Dispenser

    The FishGun D2 is a semi-automatic diet delivery device. It is designed to facilitate the feeding of aquatic animals such as zebrafish in research facilities. Created for precision dispensing of different types and sizes of dry powdered and granulated diets.
    The systems 75 ml diet dispensing tube allows precision dispensing of solid feed from 75µm up to 600µm in size. The tube has a translucent wall for clear visibility, is resistant to alcohols and light organic solvents, and is stable from -80°C to +121°C.
    The FishGun D2 ensures faster, more accurate, and reproducible feed dosage by the means of vibrations. Its ergonomic design reduces fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders and reduces technician time spent on feeding.
    With the use of the integrated RFID scanner, this system identifies different tanks and delivers the right amount of feed required according to the number of fish housed in each tank.
    The FishGun’s cradle and feed dispensing tube are compatible with all commercially available zebrafish tank housing systems known on the market; Iwaki Aquatic, Aquaneering, Pentair, Techniplast.

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