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GEMMA Micro is dry feed for zebrafish. GEMMA Micro is formulated with a high percentage of soluble hydrolyzed marine proteins, HUFAs, phospholipids, and algae, resulting in each particle exhibiting a striking green color. GEMMA Micro is a highly stable feed exhibiting excellent physical characteristics.

GEMMA Micro 75, GEMMA Micro 150, GEMMA Micro 300, GEMMA Micro 500


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GEMMA Micro 75, GEMMA Micro 150, GEMMA Micro 300, GEMMA Micro 500



  • Improves fecundity of Zebrafish
  • No dependency on Artemia
  • Reduce feeding frequency to once per day
  • Non-GMO product (as per EC regulation 1829/2003)
  • GEMMA Micro 75 can be used in early transition feeding to reduce or eliminate rotifers from feeding protocols for zebrafish
  • GEMMA Micro 150 can be used in early transition feeding to completely remove Artemia from feeding protocols for zebrafish
  • GEMMA Micro 300 is used for adult zebrafish starting from 30 days post-hatch and can be fed at 5% of the biomass only once per day.
  •  Shelf-life of 24 months from the date of manufacture, stored in a cool (max 20°C), dark and dry place
  • Once open, GEMMA Micro should be kept sealed in a refrigerator and used within 1 month.
TypePellet SizePackaging
GEMMA Micro 7550-100 um0,5 kg
GEMMA Micro 150100-200 um0,5 kg
GEMMA Micro 300200-400 um0,5 kg, 2,5 kg
GEMMA Micro 500400-700 um2,5 kg

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