Mouse Tunnel

Article reference: 13102

Certified (Contaminant Screened)

Transparent tinted mouse and rat tunnels are a remarkable innovation in enrichment for rodents. Other opaque materials such as PVC piping are widely used in mouse facilities, however, they are not transparent which restricts technicians from being able to see the rodents inside the tunnel during routine cage check.



Mouse Tunnel

  • Made from clear coloured non toxic polycarbonate.
  • Suitable for use as Handling Tunnels to minimise stress while moving animals between cages and during minor procedures.
  • Also suitable for Aquatics.
  • Mouse stays visible for animal technicians while it perceives dark shelter.
  • Prevents boredom and agressive behaviour.
  • Reports indicate providing tunnels help acclimate rodents to restraint devices.
  • Optional Stainless Steel Wire Hanger or Tunnel Clip can be used to suspend the tunnel, offering mice more opportunity to play while increasing usable cage floor space.
  • Cage washer safe and autoclavable.

Length: 10 cm
Diameter 5 cm

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