AWS-5000 Pouch Machine

Article reference: HYP-5000M

The Hydropac™ AWS-5000 Pouch Machine is an automatic packaging machine that produces water filled Hydropac™ Pouches using specially formulated Hydroseal™ Pouch Film. Filled pouches are a convenient, reliable and economical drinking water source for virtually all research rodents, and can be stored for extended periods, while maintaining water quality. Producing up to 1800 pouches an hour (30 per minute), the machine is operated through a user friendly, Touch Screen Control Panel. Water pouch size is selectable.


AWS-5000 Pouch Machine

  • Reliable, efficient, computer controlled operation
  • Produces 1,800 pouches per hour (30 per minute)
  • Ergonomic touch screen control panel (adjustable)
  • Produces 384 or 236 ml filled pouches
  • Convenient method for preparing emergency supplies
  • Numerous built-in engineering safety features
  • Produce sterile pouches through integration with manifold unit (water treatment, proportioner and ultra filtration system)
  • Stainless steel overall construction
  • Operates with Hydrocac™ conveyor belt, roller conveyer

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