Wire Bar Lid Adapter

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The Wire Bar Lid Adapter is a receptacle that allows a wide variety of wire bar lids to accept either a 384 ml or 236 ml water filled Hydropac™ Pouch and sterile Disposable Valve™. This design protects the pouch material from animal access. A stainless steel grommet secures the valve into place, while a self-centering rib positions the valve between lid wires.



Wire Bar Lid Adapters

For European Cages

  • Adapter can be placed in the wire bar lid of Type 2, 3 and 4 lids of various manufacturers
  • Place Sterile Disposable Valve™ in to the grommet and place Hydropac™ Pouch on top
  • Easy to change the Pouch
  • Self-centering rib ensures proper positioning of the valve
  • Polycarbonate version is autoclavable @ 121 ºC
  • Polysulfone version is autoclavable @ 134 ºC
  • Polythermide version is autoclavable @ 134 ºC (slightly yellow coloured, more durable then Polysulfone)

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