Xenopus Tanks

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The clear polycarbonate Xenopus Tanks are available in 3 different sizes and feature the unique flood and flush drain system for efficient removal of solids. Each row in a rack must have the same size tanks, but for other rows a different tank size may be added.

Tank Size
16L, 23L, 40L


Additional information

Tank Size

16L, 23L, 40L


Xenopus Tanks

  • FDA approved polycarbonate
  • Sizes; 16, 23, 40 Litre
  • Cage washable and autoclavable
  • Tank assemblies; Lid, Tank and Drain are easy to clean and maintain with minimum recesses and no complicated parts
  • Self-cleaning “flood and flush” siphon drain for efficient solids removal : keeps the tank clean
  • Overflow drain in rear tank wall
  • Tanks placed on black shelf decking for reduced algal growth
  • Extra feature added to the tanks; Aeration inside the tank
  • Tadpole drains available
Tank SizeWater SurfaceLxWxH mm<6 cm6-9 cm10-12 cm13-15 cm
16 Litre1050 cm2474 x 259 x 196221032
23 Litre1500 cm2556 x 311 x 197341673
40 Litre2500 cm2660 x 455 x 2187237179
Capacity for Xen Laevis

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