Pulse Oximetry

STARR Life Sciences Corp. manufactures the MouseOx Plus® pulse oximeter, the world’s first and only patented non-invasive vital signs monitor specifically designed for mice, rats, and other small laboratory animals.

  • MouseOX Plus®

    The MouseOx Plus® is the second generation of the original mouse pulse oximeter and physiological monitor. It is clinically validated and has been used and cited in a multitude of published studies, including Lung Injury and Influenza Models. The MouseOx Plus® works on mice, rats and other small animals.

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  • Software for MouseOx Plus®

    The versatility of MouseOx Plus’s Software Modules allow it to be used as a surgical vital sign monitor for a wide variety of life science research models. Whether you need to simply monitor vital signs, or record data from anaesthetised or conscious  mice or rats, we have a software module to meet your research needs.

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  • Sensors for MouseOx Plus®

    The MouseOx Plus® has multiple sensors available to monitor or record measurements on both conscious and anaesthetised mice, rats and other small animals.

    Available sensors :
    Mouse Thigh Sensor
    Mouse Paw Sensor
    Rat Foot Sensor
    Throat Sensor
    Collar Sensor
    MRI Compatible Sensor
    Temperature Sensor

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  • Multiplexers for MouseOx Plus®

    The Multiplexer is a sensor switching unit for MouseOx Plus®. It allows 1 MouseOx Plus® to monitor and record data from up to 8 or 16 subjects, using one MouseOx Plus® control unit. The Multiplexer 8T with Temperature allows you to monitor and record the data, including temperature, from a single MouseOx Plus® control when using the Temperature probe and Software Module.

    Multiplexer 8
    Multiplexer 8T
    Multiplexer 16

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  • STARR-Link Analog Data Output Module

    The STARR-Link is an Analog Data Output Module for theMouseOx Plus that converts the calculated parameters to an analog voltage output. The output voltage range is from 0 to 5 volts.

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  • Small Animal Enclosures

    The Animal Enclosures are designed to work with the MouseOx Plus to provide a low-stress environment while monitoring or collecting data on conscious mice or rats.

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