MRI-1 Ventilator

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The MRI-1 Ventilator is a small animal ventilator designed for use in MRI and other high magnetic field environments. The system comprises a microprocessor-based control unit and a set of remote, pneumatically operated, non-metallic valves. The MRI-1 can operate by itself or can be controlled and/or monitored by a computer.
The MRI-1 operates on the flow-time principle: an inspiratory airflow is established and gated into the animal for a known time, thus producing a known volume. This approach provides extraordinary flexibility — a wide range of volumes, breaths-per-minute, and I/E ratios are possible with no hardware changes, and using just three front-panel controls.
Respiratory airflow is provided by an internal airpump. Alternatively, an external pressurized gas source can be attached (oxygen or anesthetic gasses). The remote high-speed, miniature pneumatic valves do the actual airflow switching. By locating these valves close to the animal (including inside the magnet bore if necessary), dead-space and tubing compliance are minimized.


MRI-1 Ventilator

  • MRI compatible ventilator
  • Non-magnetic pneumatic valves (XS, S, & M sized valves available depending on weight of animal)
  • Dependable all-electronic ventilator
  • Wide tidal volume and rate range
  • Mice to Monkeys (up to 10kg with appropriate valve & accessories)
  • Safe with oxygen and anesthesia
  • Direct readout of volume and rate
  • Easy to set up

Technical Specifications ;

  • Respiratory rate range:  5 – 200 breaths/min
  • Inspiratory flow range:  60 – 1000ml/min
  • Inspiration/Expiration (I/E ratio) range:  20 – 80%
  • Tidal volume range:  0.1 – 30ml
  • Manual control functions:  HOLD (suspends inspiration), MAN (manual inflation)
  • LCD panel:  4 lines x 20 chars, backlit
  • Internal airpump capacity:  4 lpm
  • Pneumatic valve switching speed (air actuation):  < 75mS
  • Pneumatic valve switching speed (Helium actuation):  < 55mS
  • Pneumatic valve actuation pressure:  3 – 5 bar
  • Pneumatic valve flow orifices:  0.080 in. (2.0mm)
  • Pneumatic valve materials:  PTFE body, non-metallic fasteners, one non-ferrous coil spring
  • Dimensions, main unit:  9W x 5.5H x 9D in. (23 x 14 x 23cm)
  • Dimensions, pneumatic valve (each, of two):  1.0 dia x 1.8 long, in. (47 x 25mm)
  • Port connections, respiratory and pressure functions:   0.125″ (3mm) ID Tygon tubing
  • SYNC OUT connector:  BNC
  • Data Port connector:  DB-25S
  • Power requirements:  120/240V (switchable), 100VA

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