Metabolic Rack

Article reference: LP 2100R

Our mobile, stainless steel Metabolic Rack houses up to eight Metabolic Cages per unit. The two-tier construction ergonomically positions cages at convenient height levels for easy observations and routine maintenance. Metabolic racks are designed to minimize the number of parts necessary, thus reducing labor and saving your valuable time.



Metabolic Rack

Features and Benefits

  • Each cage is positioned in a removable shelf
  • Any 50 ml centrifuge ore tissue culture tubes can be used.
  • simple rapid disassembly or reassembly

Technical Information

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 131 cm wide, 181 cm high and 51 cm deep (including castors and outriggers)
  • Fitted with four 12.5 cm diameter neoprene castors (2 with brakes)

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    Accommodating mice or rats, our Metabolic Cages offer 99% separation efficiency of urine and faeces, assuring maximum purity of samples. Each cage may be placed on a single cage stand or a stainless steel rack accommodating up to eight cages. Animal waste is directed through a collection funnel and onto a linear diffuser. The diffuser allows solid matter to travel down the top ridges of a 50% incline, passing over a urine port, and into a faecal collection vessel. Liquid waste flows along grooves down the inclined diffuser, passing through the urine port, and into a urine collection vessel. A urine deflector prevents excess urine from splashing and contaminating faecal specimen. Separate urine and faeces samples are collected in two standard 50 ml. centrifuge vessels.

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