Versaflex Breather

Article reference: EZ-104A

The Versaflex Breather delivers gas to the animal for up to 12 hours in a level plane of anaesthesia. The Versaflex Breather incorporates a patented valve that regulates the flow of gas to the nosecone, making it efficient, cost effective and user friendly. The valve directs the anaesthetic gas directly to the nose of the animal, minimising dead volumes. A delivery tube supplies anaesthesia gas to the animals and an exhaust tube directs the flow of unused gas to a charcoal filter.


Versaflex Breather

  • Accommodates animals ranging in size from neonates up to animals weighing 5kg, including rabbits
  • Efficiently delivers anaesthetic gas to the animal during procedure
  • Animals can be safely anaesthetised for up to 12 hours
  • Incorporates a patented valve that mitigates the gas flow to the nosecone
  • Input tube delivers anaesthetic to the animals and exhaust tube directs the flow of unused gas to a charcoal filter
  • Vertical and angular adjustments allow precise positioning of animals
  • Tight-fitting nosecones eliminate gas leakage and protects from gas exposure

The Versaflex Breather includes :

  • Mouse nosecone with plug
  • Rat nosecone with plug
  • Flat plastic bed
  • V-shaped plastic bed

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