ER-4500 Energizer Receiver

Article reference: VV-ER4500-00

The ER4500 Energizer/Receiver provides power to and receives measurement data back from implanted E-Mitters. It conveniently fits under most standard lab animal cages and can work together with our In-Cage Running Wheel.


ER-4500 Energizer Receiver

  • Use with Mice and Rats. The ER4500 will connect to any of our E-Mitter implants and is compatible with both a Mouse and Rat size cage
  • Made of durable material. You can spill any type of liquid (excluding acid) on its base area without doing any damage
  • Up to 32 receivers can be used at the same time. Assign each receiver it’s own ID Number using the VitalView Telemetry Software.
  • Can be placed on standard shelving, table-tops, or in Circadian Type Chambers. It can be placed under a cage body (recommended) or to the side of a cage body.


  • Dimensions :  50,8 x 25,4 x 6,35 cm
  • Connection Type : USB
  • Number of ER4000s per PC :  32
  • Required Spacing Between ER4000s/ER4500s 21cm  Horizontal x 41cm Vertical
  • Max Ambient Temp 45 C
  • Max Weight Bearing (Tested) 70 lb (32 kg) Distributed Evenly Across Ribs
  • Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
  • Max Power Consumption 160 Watts/4 ER4500

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