Adjustable CO₂ Flowmeter

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The Adjustable CO₂ Flow Meters are recommenden when a variety of cage sizes are being used, allowing the user to adjust the flow based on the cage’s volume for faster results.



Adjustable CO₂ Flowmeter

  • Low Flow (0,5 – 12 LPM) ideal for single cages varying from mice to guinea pig
  • High Flow (8 – 80 LPM) ideal for large cages, small or single chamber systems up to 200 liters in volume.
  • Output hose with quick disconnect for easy connection to Euthanex Cage Lids or Induction Chambers
  • Three mounting options
    • Table stand: allows the user the flexibility to postion the meter in the ideal location. Includes a stand and both output and input hose.
    • DISS: Fitting connects directly to point of use CO2 source with a standard male DISS 1080 fitting. Includes an output hose.
    • Wall Bracket: attach the flowmeter to a wall via two screws. The wall bracket is ideal for forged turrets that are non-removable. Includes a wall bracket and both input and output hose

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